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Forum » JTF Forums » ***FORUM RULES*** Locked
Joined: 5th May 2012
Rank: Lieutenant- General
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5th May 2012

Please read these rules before posting on these forums. Failure to abide by these rules will result in temporary bans or permanent bans for frequent delinquents.

1. All members of this site are to be treated with respect. Regardless of race, sex, or any other factor that would be considered prejudice.

2. No foul language. This site is for everyone to enjoy and as such there is no swearing in the forums.

3. No attacking members based on game skill. Every member is here for fun and while we are going to be competitive, at the end of the day, it is just a video game. A little ribbing in good fun is of course welcomed.

4. No sexual references whatsoever!! This is not a high school change room. I seriously considered making this clan adult only, but did not want to discriminate against mature young people.

5. The most important rule of all. HAVE FUN!!

Forum » JTF Forums » ***FORUM RULES*** Locked
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